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Tyler Kirkham was born and raised it Utah. He grew up loving art, and has always enjoyed drawing. He really found a love for comics in the early 90s when Image Comics came on the scene. At that moment he knew what he wanted to do with his life. After going to countless conventions and sending out lots of samples, his first paid art gig was drawing for a local newspaper. He later landed a job drawing an indy book called "The Gift."

Fresh out of high school, he worked on The Gift until another ... view portfolio see more

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Just uploaded This months first 2 Guardianship Saga journal updates. ! today and one next Wednesday. Check it out!! ... view all creator comments see more

Sketch Book

cade cartoon 2.jpg - Character face for a Graphic art add I designed and drew. I'm not super good at drawing likenesses, but its fun to try sometimes. Ya never know if you're gonna offend someone when you draw them. I know I couldn't sit at an amusement park and draw folks all day. 12-03-2010

cade cartoon 1.jpg - Another, just a bit less cartoon like. I wanted to make both cartoon like, but give him a couple to choose from. He ended up not going with either actually. 12-04-2010

darkanum.jpg - Some loose ideas for a friends logo. 12-06-2010

Devin art pencils darker.jpg - The pencil sketch before the paints 12-11-2010

Girdwood stonework.jpg - Just a sketch of Rock work I would like to do in my house. 01-09-2011

batgirl.jpg - Batgirl 01-16-2011

batman.jpg - Batman 01-16-2011

chariot designs.jpg - Some chariot Ideas for an issue of Ultimate Fantastic 4 01-23-2011

vice ideas 1.jpg - Old costume designs for Top cow's Vice 01-30-2011

emma frost.jpg - Emma Frost sketch 02-03-2011

iron spiderman.jpg - iron Spidey 02-10-2011

1.jpg - Video game concept for a friend 02-17-2011

logos.jpg - Overcast logo ideas 02-24-2011

Other works

Devin final art copy.jpg - The Final cover after the paints went on. This is the second cover I have done for this Author I'll throw the other on here at some point! 12-13-2010

sun glasses..jpg - Some sunglasses I designed for a friend. He is currently working on creating his own line of glasses! 12-17-2010

josh dad.jpg - A portrait I drew of a friends dad that has passed away. 01-10-2011

jill-angel-sepia-contrast-j.jpg - An altered photo of my wife with some Photoshop tricks. 01-17-2011

jill-angel-jpg.jpg - Before the sepia and old parchment layers were added. 01-17-2011

me drawing.jpg - me!! 01-24-2011

x box face plate.jpg - X box faceplate I drew on! Kinda hard to see. 01-31-2011

small black and whit crowns.bmp - Some crowns I had to design for a book. These were ment to go on with the page numbers 02-07-2011

genie final cades face copy.jpg - Advertisement I designed for a local Realtor I designed this with a cartoon genie's head, but he wanted his own face on it. They used this for magazine add and wraps on their cars.  02-14-2011

genie final cades face words copy.jpg - with words 02-14-2011

genie lineart!.jpg - Original drawing for the add 02-18-2011

genie colors!.jpg - No words 02-18-2011

genie linear words!.jpg - another version 02-18-2011

genie linear words smoke! copy.jpg - smoke and words 02-19-2011

matt face genie lineart.tif - face drawing 02-25-2011

genie matts face faded lines.jpg - This guy's face on the genie. These guys are a real estate team and they both wanted one. 02-25-2011

layouts and pencil pages

The waking cover layout.jpg - The waking cover thumbnail for Zenescope! 12-18-2010

layouts 1-8.jpg - Marvel, Top cow Fusion layouts issue 1, 1-8 12-20-2010

layouts 9-16.jpg - Marvel, Top cow Fusion layouts issue 1 9-16 12-20-2010

2.jpg - Mysterious ways issue 1 page 2. The editors asked me to add a bit more shadow to the girl. Which you will see tomorrow!

2 new.jpg - Mysterious ways issue 1 page 2 with shadow added to the figure after requested by the editors.   12-25-2010

layouts 17-20.jpg - more layouts from Fusion 01-07-2011

18.jpg - page 18 before stats 01-14-2011

18 stat for panel 2.jpg - I drew these on a separate page to make it easier. Its sometimes hard to draw a face angled on a screen without making it look like a head in a box. The only downside to doing it this way is the original page isn't as appealing to art collectors. 01-14-2011

10.jpg - This page I drew with the whole mighty avengers.  I was told only some of the characters were supposed to be in this shot. said whoops, then pulled out a big eraser. 01-21-2011

10 new.jpg - second version of the page. Wasp was to big.. I drew her full size here when she was still supposed to be small. 01-21-2011

page 10 new fusion.jpg - Final version after all the corrections. 01-21-2011

layouts 1-8.jpg - Fusion # 2 layouts 02-03-2011

layouts 9-11.jpg - Fusion #2 more layouts 02-11-2011

cobra sunglasses.jpg - More sunglass designs for a guy that was starting a line of shades 02-17-2011

Angelus inked.jpg - Angelus commission inked 02-24-2011

angelus.jpg - Angelus commission pencils 02-24-2011

Pipeline Comments

02/03/2011 11:57 AM

Tyler Kirkham

Yeah just sharpies. I was scared of messing this up. Its not mine haha.

01/31/2011 10:52 AM


Pretty sweet xbox sketch (1/31). The bonus is that if you ever got the red ring of death on your xbox, it would still look pretty cool..... Did you just use sharpies for the xBox drawing?

01/29/2011 05:19 PM

Tyler Kirkham

Hey guys I've been uploading Feb's pipleline. I'll be getting The Guardianship stuff up shortly!

12/10/2010 04:51 PM

Marcus Perry

This is beautiful work as always, man! Makes me proud to have some Tyler Kirkham magic on my pipeline too!

12/07/2010 01:24 PM

little pete

I really like the second sketch of Darkanum. I think that would a lot of fun to style.

12/03/2010 03:30 PM

Josh Bush

Some little inside scoop, Our creative juices really got flowing after seeing the last King Kong movie, I think it was the sure size and power of the king, ripping through the dinosaurs,! although this story has little in common with King Kong, many of the beast were influenced by the thought of something so big and powerful!

12/02/2010 02:11 PM


Hey guys, really glad after all this time, we finally have the opportunity to share our story! Hope everyone likes it, and let us know what you think. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

12/02/2010 12:04 PM


I know of a lot of fantasy fans who are really going to dig Guardianship! And Tyler, thanks for putting up some of your other art and sketches too! Looking forward to some of the upcoming stuff in your Pipeline!

12/02/2010 12:03 PM


As you can see below I was accidentally logged in under my wife still =) Rookie mistake. Please let me know if you have any questions about what you should be expecting from me on Pipeline!! or The Guardianship saga.

12/02/2010 10:54 AM

Josh Bush

Oh, you can Karrde, the first few pages are under Tyler's Pipeline, under Wed, so every Wed. you can look forward to art and story, in the form of Journal entries! Click on Wed. the 1st pages in his pipeline and you can began reading NOW!

12/02/2010 10:08 AM


Looks gorgeous, smacks of exactly what I want to get from my fantasy, can't wait to see the first pages.

12/02/2010 02:07 AM

jill kirkham

Thats from Ty..

12/02/2010 02:07 AM

jill kirkham

Hey guys I've slowly been getting things uploaded. I'm really excited about the Guardianship Saga. Its the Brainchild of Overcast Studios, which is a creative group of friends we formed to work on art and tell awesome stories. So if you sign up you will be getting the Guardianship Saga weekly journal updates. Directly from the main character Kael! An epic fantasy thats been years in the making. I'm working with some great talented friends on this. So as I am not the lead artist on this project I will be uploading plenty of cool stuff you may have not seen before! Thank for your interest!!

12/02/2010 01:51 AM

Josh Bush

Hi I am Josh, a Co creator for The Guardianship Saga, and a Colorist, on the pages, found above in the weekly Wed. pages, I color the books in a Gray type of scale, in order to keep with the idea that the main kid in the story, is sketching in a journal, the many events along the way of this great adventure tale... Tyler and us guys, have been working on this story for years, and are very happy to have this opportunity share our story with you perhaps long time fans of Tyler's work, Hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more, story line and art, We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and to have the chance to get to know You!

12/01/2010 10:51 PM

jill kirkham

Ty and his friends have been developing this story for years now. They had many meetings on x box live. Steve's art look great in this too!

12/01/2010 09:30 PM


Yey! I've been so excited to read this comic since I saw the initial images posted up - it looks so gorgeous!