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Beginning his career first as a background artist in the old Top Cow/Image studios working for and along side the late, great Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell (or Tal as all his friends would call him) had developed into an artist all his own. It wasn't too much later that he was entrusted to take on drawing and even co-writing such titles as FATHOM: DAWN OF WAR and DC Comic's SUPERMAN: GODFALL storyline, all under the Aspen Comics banner and Michael's keen tutelage.

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Commission Sketches

Colossus commission (lo-res).jpg - Crazy story about this one.  This was the first commission I had actually finished in a while (don't worry I haven't forgotten about all of you others), and even mailed off on time.  However, by the time the recipient got it the Post Office had bent and crumpled it EVERY which way upon arrival.  I've filed insurance, working thru that whole ongoing ordeal.  Going to end up redrawing it all over again once all is said and done. 12-02-2010

Emma Frost 2010.jpg - A long overdue commission.  I was in a bar trying to draw a sexy Emma and just for the life of me I couldn't nail it.  That was then a curious lady at that same bar volunteered this pose for me.  The rest is what we call history. 01-22-2011

Psylocke.JPG - Another long overdue commission.  Big, big X-MEN fan here.  Or, the '80s & '90s version of them. 01-22-2011

Erica 2011.jpg - I did this as a birthday gift to a friend of mine back in 2009 - her in cartoon form.  It's originally at 600dpi to fit the poster I made out of it. 01-23-2011

MsMarvel (200).jpg - Okay I didn't really spend any time cleaning this up so be warned, the lady aint exactly clean.  However, here you go, another of my more detailed, pricier, inked, spruced, and much loved commies.  

Also, fun fact, first time ever drawing her.  How'd I do? 02-16-2011

Talent Caldwell - Kitty Pryde & Lockheed.jpg - Con sketch.  Drawn on colored paper.  Media: Prisma Marker, Prisma Colored Blue Pencil, India Ink pen. 02-25-2011

Aspen Commission.JPG - I was under the influence of something I won't say here when I drew this.  Woke up the next day with no idea where this came from and haven't touched pencil to paper on it since. 02-25-2011

Zatanna.jpg - Commission I finished over a year ago.  Wish I had some funny/clever ass story to attach to this other than that I drew it during happy hour, but oh well.  How about a fun fact?  Zatanna backwards is Annataz. 03-01-2011

Supergirl Bust.jpg - Busted! 04-02-2011

Angelus Step 1.JPG - 11x14.  Starting stages... 04-04-2011

Angelus Step 2.JPG - PrismaColor Markers... 04-04-2011

Angelus Step 3.JPG - Here I used an India Ink brush pen and Pigma Micron pens to ink...

Unfortunately I never had a chance to scan in the final piece so this is as close as you're going to get to see it done.  It even totally slipped my mind to shoot a pic of it before I handed it off.  Someone request another one so I can draw it again and this time remember to take a pic of the final piece. 04-04-2011

Daredevil Commish.JPG - 11x14, Red Prisma for the outline, Burnt Urban color PrismaColor pencil, and...oh crap, just realized this isn't even the finished piece!  Dammit, forgot to take a pic of that one as well.  Well I inked it and did some buildings and stuff too...

...sorry I don't have it to show. 04-05-2011

Japan Relief Jam Piece 2.jpg - I'm sure others have taking much better pics of this on this site already but here's a closer look into my contribution... 04-07-2011

Japan Relief Jam Piece.jpg - ...I've been drawing Wolverine longer than any other comic book character so doing him up is a synch.  My favorite stories from way back in those days were when Jubilee would tag along and buddy up with Wolves.  Good times.  :) 04-07-2011

Lara Croft.jpg - Think I'm getting the hang of this whole 'drawing the ladies' thing.  And no that is not a euphemism for her breasts (although they do come with the package).

No euphemism in that last sentence either.

Yep, I think I've had too much coffee. 04-08-2011

Catwoman (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

Hey look, it's Anne Hathe-whaaa?! 04-21-2011

Emma Frost (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

I seriously dislike drawing that corset.  Why does everyone request the Emma of 10 years ago and not her current look? 04-21-2011

BlackCat (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

I think I have FINALLY gotten Black Cat down pat. 04-22-2011

Phoenix (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

I won't lie, my drinks started to hit me pretty hard by the time I got to her.  I did my best to salvage her the next day. 04-23-2011

Poison Ivy (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

Okay she doesn't count.  Never drew her before.  Again, forgive the simplicity, its a convention sketch. 04-23-2011

Supergirl (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

Ahh, Supergirl.  My most requested sketch.  Have 3 more I'll be posting up shortly. 04-24-2011

Vampirella (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

I coulda, and wish I woulda done better with this one but I just didn't have the time.  Hence the 'repeated' pose. 04-25-2011

Wolverine (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches.

I really do LOVE drawing Wolvie. 04-26-2011

Wonder Woman (JH).JPG - Here is a an ascension of 9-10 characters I can now draw in my sleep.  These are all Convention Bust sketches. 04-27-2011

Tigra for Peta.jpg - I've always been a big fan of themed sketch books and this guy had one of the best I had ever heard -- Superheroes (or Villains) promoting ironic products.  This was my contribution.  My thanks to Vida Guerra. ;) 05-09-2011

Pretty Aspen.jpg - I can say that I have officially drawn Aspen long enough that I can do this in my sleep.  ZZZZzzzzzz.... :) 05-09-2011

CaldwellBlackCat.jpg - It's Black Cat...drawn like a dozen of these. 05-10-2011

Gambit & Rogue.jpg - This is rare, very, very rare, that I ever actually fall in love with a piece I do to the point I'd want to keep it.  However, this was a commission, and a long overdue one at that so all I'm stuck with is the image.  He likes it though, just gotta put this baby in the mail in the morning. 05-12-2011

COMIC ART (alternate views)

MONSTER HUNTER(300).jpg - Just finished this like an hour ago. 12-01-2010

MONSTER HUNTER cover (Zombies!!!) - A variant unused version of the printed cover that I colored myself.  Felt pretty good about it but I think they had another direction in mind. 12-01-2010

ZOMBIES inks.jpg - Just the digi-inks for the Zombie Monster Hunter cover. 12-01-2010

COUNTDOWN 33 cover (pencils).jpg - Ryan Reyn-- I mean Green Lantern!  The Kyle Whats-his-nose version.  This was one of the first times I played around with gray tone shading (as you can see on his legs).  I was pretty happy with how it turned out in the colors. 12-02-2010

COUNTDOWN 34 unused cover (inks).jpg - When I was first asked to do this cover I was told to "channel my inner-Brian Bolland", however there was a sudden Editor change made and the new Editor wanted something else entirely.  This one never ended up being used but I did get paid for it so you won't see me crying about it. :) 12-02-2010

COUNTDOWN 32 cover (pencils).jpg - I had Dan Didio (big man in charge at DC) in mind when I drew the bouncer. :) 12-02-2010

COUNTDOWN 35 cover (pencils).jpg - I meant to and WISH I would've included this onto the actual cover, but this piece was inspired by one of my all time favorite covers by one of my all time favorite artists, Mr. Jim Lee's X-MEN #5 cover.  I could never and didn't do anywhere near as good of a job though. 12-02-2010

WILDSTORM cover.jpg - A Seldom seen double-cover I did for WS two years ago.  From what I remembered, no one really liked it, which for me is ironic because I NEVER like my own work and I happened to be proud of this.  Sigh.  Maybe that explains alot. 01-24-2011

Raven Gregory's THE WAKING cover.jpg - This version includes the reflection of the zombie girl who's hand is in the picture.  I guess it was too distracting when they colored it so it was taken out in the final piece. 01-24-2011

Fathom DOW page 21.jpg - So pretty.  One of my favorite things Christina Strain has ever colored for me. 01-25-2011

Michael Turner Talent Caldwell Tribute (no text).jpg - Here's a very hi-res pic of the piece I did for the Mike Turner Tribute book, but WITHOUT THE TEXT.  10 years in, of all things I have ever done, this is still, hands down the one thing I am most proud of....to date.  

And also I actually gave away the original as a gift....only now remembered that.  Hmm. 02-22-2011

Benoist_color.jpg - A rarely seen pinup I did for something even I can't remember.  The awesome Justin Ponser colored this for me.  I had been a HUGE fan of his work on WILDCATS (with Travis Charet) and DANGER GIRL (with J. Scott Campbell) that I begged Mike and Peter to get him on something of mine. 02-22-2011

Aspen Splash Kiani Pinup.jpg - I spent SO DAMN LONG on the hair only to have anyone that likes this piece to only compliment on how nice the ass is.  If I only knew, I coulda spent those hours catching up on sleep. 02-22-2011

Fathom DOW issue 1 COVER alt.jpg - We ran this coloring contest on the Aspen message boards back in 2002 or 2003 to help generate some interest for the Dawn of War Fathom series.  This is a pic of the one that won.  For me, this was the winner by a long shot, but the other two judges felt torn between this and another one which had been hand colored (beautifully) in colored pencil.  Good thing my vote counted twice.  Hehe.  :) 02-22-2011

GEN13v4_01p08.jpg - This is the first in my absolute favorite set of pages from my ENTIRE Gen13 run.  The script only described all of the panels following the top "widescreen" panel.  I talked to Ben and Gail about adding it in order to give all 5 pages a more uniform feel. 03-04-2011

GEN13v4_01p07.jpg - And here's another one.  Panel 4 was actually COMPLETELY drawn but fuzzed out through color.  The script called for teen girls to be taking a shower.  My smartass decided to actually draw all of their asses to show WS that THESE ARE NAKED TEENAGERS.  Why are you asking me to draw this?! 03-05-2011

GEN13v4_01p09.jpg - Fun page.  I loved Grunge.  The character, not the music. 03-06-2011

GEN13v4_01p10.jpg - On this page I added both the 'Baby Maker' shirt and the stuff doll of  Queelock myself.  Totally NOT in the script. 03-07-2011

GEN13v4_01p11.jpg - I won't comment on this page cuz I find waaaay too many mistakes with it.  For whatever reason Rainmaker had always been a very difficult character for me to grasp drawing effectively. 03-08-2011

Grimm_Tale_TAL_Pencils.jpg - Grim Fairy Tale girls.  If I did my job right you should be able to clearly tell who everyone is just by looking at them.  Or at least I hope.  

Once the digi-inks were completed the awesome Peter Steigerwald colored up FOUR slightly different versions of it and to this day I still can't remember which one was used for the actual book. 03-27-2011

SINBAD cover (pencils).jpg - This was a fun piece.  Looking back though I wish I coulda had a few more days and dollars to put into it, I could've done more with it. 03-27-2011

THE WAKING Tal cover - finished.jpg - I don't even remember drawing this.

Like with most of my stuff. 03-28-2011

Grimm_Tale_TAL_CMYK2.jpg - This was always my favorite of the lot. 03-28-2011

Grimm_Tale_TAL_CMYK3.jpg - And here's another... 03-29-2011

Wonderland NYCC Color sm.jpg - It's kinda hard to see but that's supposed to be the beastly Cheshire Cat riding in the back.

If I remember correctly the original idea behind this cover was to have her haling a cab while being ignored by the Mad Hatter.  For the life of me I just couldn't figure out a way to do it and still show everyone's faces.  This was the best I could come up with.  So unfortunately the Cat drew the short straw. 03-29-2011

Grimm_Tale_TAL_CMYK1.jpg - ...and another... 03-30-2011

Grimm_Tale_TAL_CMYK4.jpg - ...and then one last one. 03-31-2011

THE WAKING COVER talent caldwell.jpg - Zombies.  Strippers.  What's not to love? 03-31-2011


TJ.jpg - A preview...these will only be up for a few days until I finish building a collage. 01-23-2011

SAMANTHA.jpg - A preview...these will only be up for a few days until I finish building a collage. 01-23-2011

Mess Hall

Girl across the way.jpg - Waiting in a doctor's lounge, saw this girl, decided to draw her.  I really liked her hair. 01-25-2011

Many Faces.JPG - I did these for a cartoon project I have been developing for the past 2+ years.  The final depiction of the character looks totally different from what he does here 02-24-2011

Chicky.JPG - I like this pose.  Will probably use this somewhere else 02-26-2011

Roughs.jpg - A small collection of thumbnails I NEVER EVER EVER show.  This is the "show your work" part of a math problem. 02-26-2011

Bargirls.jpg - Unfinished drawings of girls I've started while drinking in whatever respective bar.  Don't remember them or why I never finished these.  Lost interest?  Maybe 02-28-2011

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