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Ray-Anthony Height is a freelance comic book penciller, creator and character designer who loves comics and every aspect of the comic book industry. In the past 6 years he's had the privilege to have worked for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Alias Comics, Mirage Studios, Hasbro and various other companies. view portfolio see more

Weekly Sketch Dump

PamBam-Layout - A pin-up I was planning to work on for Kevin Grevioux. 12-30-2010

MSEX4-PracticeSM.jpg - Practicing some inking in Manga Studio EX4 04-27-2011

Comic Pages

SpiderGirl Pg 19 - Inks by Walden Wong 12-29-2010

SpiderGirl Pg 18 - Inks by Walden Wong 12-29-2010

SpiderGirl Pg 21 - This is definitely one of my favorite pages done for a Marvel gig. Inks by Walden Wong 12-30-2010

SpiderGirl Pg 22  - though i wish I could have done more with the first panel, I'm pretty satisfied with the pages as a whole. 12-30-2010

SpiderGirl Pg 24 - I had a lot of fun drawing this one, too. 01-02-2011

SpiderGirl Pg 16 - Inks by Walden Wong 01-02-2011

INCORRUPTIBLE Test Page - A test page for BOOM! Studio I recently did. 04-06-2011

Concepts and Designs

Force 2010 Redesign Colors.jpg - Long time friend and amazing writer Dan Wickline and U were bouncing around the idea of revamping his 90's superhero character FORCE. I can still see myself drawing this on a regular basis! 12-28-2010

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