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I got my start right out of high school as Rob Liefeld's assistant while he was working on Marvel Comic’s New Mutants/X-Force. I moved on to being Image Comics first rookie while penciling Brigade since then I have a long and successful career in both comic books and freelance graphic design. Working on many books including Demonslayer, Nash, Blindside, Youngblood, X-Force:Shatterstar and Deadpool. Currently I am working on Marvel Comics DEADPOOL CORPS #10-12 and my new creator owned book tit... view portfolio see more

Sketch Book

BATTLESTONE from BRIGADE - Brigade was my first comic work  I had published. An unbelievable opportunity to be the first Image Comics rookie ... just a incredible being in the middle of a comic revolution. Battlestone (The leader of Brigade) remains on of my favorite characters to draw. 02-01-2011

Green Lantern - Just a little sketch done while watching some TV. 02-03-2011

SHI - a Shi drawing I did for a good friend of mine. 02-04-2011

COLOSSUS - A commission I recently drew. Besides Wolverine my favorite X-Man.  02-07-2011

NIGHTCRAWLER - Another commission..this time of my third favorite X-Man...Nightcrawler. 02-09-2011

MARTIAN MANHUNTER - Just cause I felt like doodling. 02-11-2011

DEADPOOL CORP  - I started this 2 page spread for Deadpool Corp #12. After getting going on it I realized it was missing the impact I was looking for. So, I scrapped it and started on a different one. Check out Deadpool Corp #12 and compare the 2 spreads. 02-14-2011

Brimstone #3 cover rough - This is a cover rough for Zenescope's Brimstone series. I believe it's for issue #3 03-21-2011

RED SKULL - A sketch cover I recently finished...I was really happy with the way it came out so I thought I would share it with you guys. 03-23-2011

BELLYDANCER - I drew this for Joe Weems Belly Dancer sketchbook coming summer 2011. Joe is an amazing inker so I left it kinda' open for him to go crazy on. I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the pencils before we all see what the finished inked version will look like. 03-25-2011

TWILIGHT - I did this Twilight commission a while back. Thought I would share. 03-27-2011

PIRATE COVER PENCILS - Every year I do a cover for the Paradise Valley (Phoenix, AZ) summer school program...this year it was a pirate theme. I'm posting the pencils today I'll post the inked version tomorrow. 03-29-2011

PIRATE COVER INKED - Here is the finished Inked cover. 03-30-2011

BLINDSIDE - I'm bringing back my favorite creation from my Extreme Studios days...BLINDSIDE. Here is a rough for a Blindside promo piece for my page..check it out.

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01/31/2011 04:34 PM


So awesome to see you on Comics Pipeline, Marat! And you kicked it off with some Brigade goodness! So sweet!