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Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Grant Bond demonstrated unique artistic ability in his early years, painting in a realistic manner through his childhood. Bond’s expansive artistic repertoire includes work for print, television, and film, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.

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Rare Art

vulture_1.jpg - THE VULTURE warm up sketch! 12-01-2010

h2_proof.jpg - A commissioned piece for a friend's Halloween party! 12-01-2010

ash_study.jpg - ASH study! 12-02-2010

klingon.jpg - Klingon! 12-03-2010

revereflyingcreature.jpg - Flying creature! 12-04-2010

aiw3.jpg - ALICE IN WONDERLAND study! 12-05-2010

joker.jpg - A warm up sketch of THE JOKER! 12-06-2010

ash_study3.jpg - A Character Study! 12-07-2010

zombie_2.jpg - ZOMBIE! 12-08-2010

lf_1.jpg - A Character Study! 12-08-2010

hodgeconcept.jpg - Hodge concept art for Revere! 12-09-2010

zip_study.jpg - Screentone study! Original linework FROM 1996! 12-10-2010

zombie.jpg - Zombie! 12-11-2010

W-4.jpg - W! Old! 12-13-2010

mayor.jpg - CLOCKWORK GIRL concept art! 12-15-2010

Serigi Davydov.jpg - Sketch! 12-16-2010

teslaprofileperfect.jpg - CLOCKWORK GIRL style study! 12-17-2010

indian.jpg - Color study! 12-20-2010

wolverine.jpg - An OLD Wolverine! 12-21-2010

weird super heroes.jpg - Weird sketches from around 1993! 12-22-2010

hartman_ alien.jpg - Red Alien after David Hartman! 12-23-2010

grinch_4.jpg - A fast Grinch for a friend of mine. 12-25-2010

aiw2.jpg - ALICE IN WONDERLAND study! 12-26-2010

3.jpg - Movement studies! 12-27-2010

horror_study2.jpg - Horror Study! 12-27-2010

lifedrawingwithconte.jpg - Art from the early 1990's! 12-28-2010

h1_proof.jpg - Halloween party invitation! 12-29-2010

lizard.jpg - Art from the early 1990's! Part of a comic idea I had that's now being made into a movie! 12-30-2010

ilk2.jpg - Art from the early 1990's! 12-31-2010

screamin jay hawkins.jpg - Art from the early 1990's! 01-01-2011

scribbles.jpg - Art from the early 1990's! 01-02-2011

rock flyer.jpg - EXTREMELY RARE art from high school around 1988! 01-03-2011

aiw_concept1.jpg - Weird Alice drawings. 01-04-2011

1993-2.jpg - Sketch from 1993! 01-05-2011

me93.jpg - "Self-Portrait" 1993 01-06-2011

circusbearSML.jpg - Sketch inked by Ande Parks. 1990 01-07-2011

zombie87.jpg - Zombie from 1987. 01-08-2011

sketch6.jpg - weird warm up sketches 01-15-2011

sketch7.jpg - weird warm up sketches 01-16-2011

theduke.jpg - Photo study for a warm up sketch! 

Nobody gets to meet the Duke. You meet him once and then you're dead! 01-18-2011

watercolor_3.jpg - EXTREMELY RARE watercolor/gouache sketch from 1989! 01-19-2011

lifedrawingwithpencil.jpg - Art from 1991! 01-26-2011

r_original_concept4.jpg - Original concept art from 1991! This one after John Byrne! 01-27-2011

r_original_concept5.jpg - Original concept art from 1991! 01-28-2011

newspaperstuff91-3.jpg - Art from 1991! 01-29-2011

randomstupidsketch.jpg - Character study! 01-30-2011

sadgirl_sml.jpg - Drawing from 1991! 01-31-2011

sdc.jpg - colored version of a sketch from 1991! 02-01-2011

jamescromwell.jpg - James Cromwell Caricature 02-02-2011

Unseen Production Art

lt_bookplate_proof.jpg - Found a use for that cover rough! 12-01-2010

r01.jpg - Character designs to be animated. 12-02-2010

bg_03.jpg - Character designs to be animated. 12-03-2010

lt03_fc2.jpg - A very rough unused cover rough for Legendary Talespinners! 12-06-2010

lt07.jpg - Concept art for Legendary Talespinners! 12-07-2010

lt06.jpg - More Talespinners concept art! 12-08-2010

lt_bookplate_proof.jpg - Found a use for that unsused cover rough! 12-09-2010

aa_concept_03.2sml.jpg - Concept art for ARCHIBALD AARDVARK! 12-10-2010

aa_concept_03sml.jpg - Concept art for ARCHIBALD AARDVARK! 12-13-2010

aa_study.jpg - Style study for ARCHIBALD AARDVARK! 12-14-2010

concept04.3.jpg - Character designs to be animated. 12-16-2010

clowns copy.jpg - EVIL CLOWNS for a pin-up! 12-24-2010

Untitled-2.jpg - Unpublished Clockwork Girl production sample. Some page roughs! Fun! 01-10-2011

tinkerercoverdetailsml.jpg - Unpublished Clockwork Girl production sample 01-11-2011

paneltest2.jpg - Variation on a published sample. A style test for Clockwork Girl. 01-12-2011

paneltest1.jpg - Unpublished Clockwork Girl production sample. Testing the art style. 01-13-2011

huxley color test2sml.jpg - Unpublished Clockwork Girl production sample. 01-14-2011

grimm_sample.jpg - Top layer of line art for American McGee's Grimm adaptation cover #3 01-17-2011

lt03.jpg - Character study. 01-20-2011

lt01_fcr2.jpg - Cover rough. 01-21-2011

epilogue_pinup.jpg - Epilogue Pin-up line art! 01-22-2011

lt02_fcr2.jpg - Cover rough! 01-23-2011

egak14.jpg - Characters to be animated. 01-24-2011

egak_bg_01.3.jpg - Weird concept art. 01-25-2011

Pipeline Comments

03/18/2011 02:44 PM


Hey, I was hoping to subscribe to your pipeline for March but just noticed you don't have anything up yet. Looking forward to seeing more!

01/05/2011 04:34 PM

Grant Bond

@FlipGirl nice. thanks!

01/05/2011 10:54 AM


Thanks! Checked it out and didn't see any overlap so far. All looks great!

01/04/2011 11:30 AM

Grant Bond

gack. that should read "I SHOULDN'T be." no delete button!

01/04/2011 09:59 AM

Grant Bond

i should be. if you see anything there that is also on here...let me know. still trying to find the most efficient way to approach this!

01/03/2011 11:46 PM


Thanks for keeping the uploads coming! Are you showing the same art on your FB page?

12/28/2010 02:11 AM

Grant Bond

12/23/2010 03:08 AM

Grant Bond

@FlipGirl THANK YOU! If you're on facebook you can "like" my art page for free! haha

12/22/2010 09:16 PM


I'm so excited to see the grinch bigger on xmas!

12/22/2010 09:15 PM


I just officially signed up for your pipeline with 5 credits! Can't wait to see more!

12/22/2010 06:09 PM

Grant Bond

@Banit i think so! that TMNT creature was edited to show a more flaccid creature.

12/22/2010 09:24 AM

little pete

Is that Powder Toast Man? Haha. Awesome!

12/21/2010 07:03 PM

Grant Bond

@abyss i can dig around for more rare clockwork girl stuff. not sure about that image. i can add that character to my warm up sketch list. thanks!

12/21/2010 05:16 PM


Grant, that clockwork girl is intriguing, it makes me want to see the whole drawing rather than just the crop. Is there any way you can post the whole thing? Or any other sketches of the character? I checked out the website and the animation looks amaaaazing!

12/21/2010 12:03 AM

Grant Bond

@banit yea, it looks like it'll be a great movie!

12/21/2010 12:01 AM

Grant Bond

@flipgirl THANKS! let me know if you have any favorite characters...I can add them to my warm up sketch list.

12/20/2010 09:57 AM


Love the artwork, Grant! I'm not really even a comic art fan (I'm a girlfriend/supporter of comicspipeline) but your art always grabs my attention and I can't wait to see more!

12/17/2010 02:35 PM

little pete

Saw the preview for Clockwork Girl. Looks amazing! Thanks for the link.

12/04/2010 03:24 PM


thanks, Banit!

12/03/2010 04:13 PM

little pete

Love the art work. Looking forward to many more images!

12/03/2010 03:32 PM


thanks, kris. i really appreciate it!

thanks, glen! very flattering. I'd be open to anything. i'm not a big internet person, but my site has the best ways to contact me. now including COMICS PIPELINE!

12/03/2010 01:36 PM

Glen D Brunswick

Grant, I've dug your work for some time--just stunning stuff! Would love to work on something with you one day down the line.

12/02/2010 12:48 PM


Man, Grant, have I told you how much I ADORE your art? Simply stunning drawings. That Ash study is great!