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Daniele Serra is a professional illustrator. His work has been published in Europe, Australia and the United States, and displayed at various exhibits in U.S. and Europe. He has provided illustrations for author such as Brian Stableford, Rain Graves, Steven Savile, etc. He has also worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine and other publications. view portfolio see more

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Hi guys! So happy to be here! Looks like a great adventure! Stay tuned. :) ... view all creator comments see more

Sketch Book

sketch01_hmr.jpg - Character design "hear me roar" 12-01-2010

sketch02_hmr.jpg - Character design "hear me roar" 12-01-2010

storyboard - This is the storyboard for a comic written by Josh Wagner. Page #3. 12-02-2010

sketch03_hmr.jpg - Character design "hear me roar" 12-03-2010

head - Studying... 12-07-2010

walking... - Try to be commercial... 12-07-2010

Entertainer - Page in progress! 12-08-2010

cover Dark Horizons - Pencil for a cover! This time no horror, fantasy! :) 12-09-2010

character - This is a sketch for a movie. Pencil and ink. 12-29-2010

odalisque_sketch - Sketch for internal illustration. 12-29-2010

cover_noir - Pencil for a cover book. 01-23-2011

Fantasy artwork - It's a full wrap-around cover, I was crazy drawing all characters! 01-24-2011

Werewolf - Another wrap-around cover in progress! 01-25-2011

wrap-around cover - It's a pencil about a wrap-around cover for an illustrated children book! 01-29-2011

Kids - Internal illustration! 01-31-2011

internal illustration - Christmas! 02-03-2011

characters design - Sketching strange people... 02-04-2011

character design - Working for a new comic! This is a character design made with pencil and nib. 03-05-2011

character - New character design! 03-10-2011

Progress - I just started inking a new illustration! 03-16-2011

Christmas! - Pencil for an illustrated children book! Funny! 03-24-2011

Batman - Fast sketch for fun! 03-26-2011

sketch - This is a sketch for a comic written by Alex Irvine! 04-22-2011

cover - cover artwork in progress! 05-18-2011

Machineries series

04.jpg - Mmmhhh...could I call this style gothic-cyberpunk? :) 11-29-2010

03 - New work for the series! 11-30-2010

01 - Pencil, ink and charcoal.
I love to use charcoal, make everything so dirt... 12-02-2010

02 - Generally I use a kind of paper really bad, as paper for photocopy... 12-06-2010

05 - First artwork of 2011! Happy new year! 01-07-2011


concept cover - This is the concept cover for the project called "The entertainer". A comic written by Josh Wagner. 12-13-2010

cover The Entertainer - And this is the first look of the final version of the cover, needs lettering and credits! 12-13-2010

page08_09_ftb - This is the pencil from Fade To Black. Double splash page! 12-29-2010

cover issue #4 Fade to Black - This was the cover in progress I made for Fade To Black. 12-30-2010

pag 20 - Old pencil for Zuda Comics. 01-23-2011

pag01 - Pag #1 inked. It is a project with the writer Alex Irvine. 02-03-2011

pag02 - Page inked! 02-07-2011

pencil #3 - Ok, isn't so clean, but hope you can see something! :) 02-09-2011

pag #4 - Inked! 02-13-2011

pag #4 - pencil! 02-13-2011

pencil #5 - Yep! New pencil! 02-18-2011

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Daniele Serra


04/01/2011 10:21 AM

Menton Matthews III

Great pipeline ! Love the work !

01/18/2011 07:08 AM

Daniele Serra

New artworks very soon!!!

12/02/2010 12:43 PM


I'm intrigued to learn more about "hear me roar"! :)