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Status: Very psyched to be here on CP! I'm here for you if you want to rap story stuff. Enjoy!!!

Bio: Glen Brunswick made his comics debut with none other then the legendary John Romita Jr. on GRAY AREA for Image Comics. He followed that up with KILLING GIRL (art by Frank Espinosa and Toby Cypress), and the more recent critically acclaimed three volume maxi-series JERSEY GODS (art by Dan McDaid) also from Image.

Brunswick has also worked in film--co-writing the story to New Line Cinema's FREQUENCY starring Dennis Quaid. He's also written scripts for Universal, and a screenplay adaptation of DC Comics' EX MACHINA for New Line.

Upcoming Projects: I'm friggin' pumped to debut my brand new graphic novel, "DEAD GIRLFRIEND," on Comics Pipeline!

DEAD GIRLFRIEND--a story about Eric, a frustrated man forced to relive the death of his first love in nightmares that reoccur every night. At his braking point, he decides to write about his life in an attempt to purge his soul. Late one night, a noise in the other room breaks his concentration. Looking up, he is shocked to discover that Jill, his dead girlfriend, has returned--looking exactly as she did on the night that she died.

The art is by upcoming major talent, Marley Zarcone. Marley worked on FORGETLESS for Image and more recently completed a Matt Wagner scripted MADAME XANADU for DC Vertigo.